clickfunnels actionetics

clickfunnels actionetics

With ClickFunnels, you have the option of what email service to use with it. It pretty much incorporates with all the popular e-mail services out there.

If you want something basic, you may choose Aweber.

If you require something more powerful, you might use ActiveCampaign or Drip.

But did you know that ClickFunnels comes with its own effective marketing automation platform as well?

Clickfunnels Actionetics


Actionetics helps you increase conversions by adding e-mail marketing capabilities to your ClickFunnels account. It’s quite powerful and provides you the option to drop your existing e-mail marketing service.
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Actionetics opens powerful marketing automations for ClickFunnels, without needing to pay for a different email service.

And you can use it to produce customized targeted sales funnels and e-mail series that will drive your conversions through the roofing.

But is it worth the upgrading to the highest priced ClickFunnels plan to get access to it?

What is Actionetics?

Actionetics is an e-mail marketing automation platform that’s built directly into ClickFunnels. It’s not readily available with the basic $97/month plan, however it’s unlocked when you upgrade your ClickFunnels to the $297 a month Etison Suite plan.

Actionetics wasn’t part of the initial ClickFunnels launch, however included later on in 2015 in addition to Backpack.

It works comparable to other e-mail services because it shops your contacts, create email lists, and sends both broadcast and automated e-mails. It also has its own kind of lead scoring (called an Action Rating) that will instantly rate each contact’s engagement.

However, Actionetics is entirely connected to ClickFunnels. So you can’t use it to develop kinds that will embed into your WordPress site. And it won’t deal with your favorite list building software application like Thrive Leads or OptinMonster.

So it only works with the sales funnels you develop with ClickFunnels.

It likewise needs you to integrate with a separate SMTP service to actually send emails. This has both its benefits and drawbacks which I’ll detail later.

What are my favorite functions of Actionetics?

1: Automatic email division with Smart Lists

Actionetics permits you to develop e-mail lists like a lot of other email services. But one special feature of Actionetics is the capability to create Smart Lists. To develop one, you simply require to switch on the ‘Smart Lists’ alternative when creating an Email List.

A Smart List will immediately include or get rid of contacts from an e-mail list, based upon a set of guidelines you define. There are a great deal of rules to select from and you can blend and match them together to develop a guideline group. These are the most typical ones I utilize:

Contact Rules– match a contact by Action Score, tags, and any contact fields like email, name, and so on
Funnel Rules– match a contact who checks out a particular step in your funnels.
Product Rules– match a contact who purchased a specific product.
Email Step Guidelines– match a contact who opened a particular email in your funnel.
Utilizing these rules, I can do a lot of my e-mail segmentation automatically, which is a big timesaver!

Here are some examples of Smart Lists I’ve developed.

Have one list of extremely engaged contacts and a list of lower engaged contacts by utilizing Action score.
Create a list of VIP purchasers from individuals who have purchased my items.
Have a list of individuals who have actually opted into my funnel and haven’t bought yet.

2: Unlimited Contacts

A lot of e-mail services have a prices structure that scales up with the more contacts you have. For example, ActiveCampaign will cost you $399 a month on their Plus plan once you strike 25,000 contacts. Ontraport hits $297 a month as soon as you hit 10,000 contacts. And if you grow your list much larger than that?

The regular monthly bill for your e-mail service can easily reach thousands of dollars a month.

While Actionetics, might appear pricey initially glance, one good thing it enables you to add unrestricted contacts to your account. So you can scale your email marketing up as much as you want, and your cost remains constant.

This suggests more revenues in your pocket.

3: Flexible Action Funnels

Action Funnels are Actionetics way of creating automations which I’ll go into more detail below. But they include a series of steps, where you can either send out an e-mail or carry out an action.

What is intriguing are the Actions you can perform. Actionetics allows you to incorporate with a range of 3rd party services, including Facebook, Twilio or Shopify.

This enables you to:

Include contacts from Actionetics to your FB custom audience so you can retarget them later on with advertisements via the Facebook combination.
Send SMS messages with the Twilio combination.
Send out item purchase details to your Shopify store for item fulfillment by means of the Shopify or Shipstation combination.
All truly cool stuff and as ClickFunnels includes more integrations to Actionetics, you will be able to develop even more effective marketing automations.

4: Flexible Email Delivery

Another difference between Clickfunnels Actionetics and other e-mail services is that it does not directly send out e-mails itself. Rather, it counts on a different SMTP service to do so.

While you initially might see this as an unfavorable, I in fact see this as a benefit because it gives you extra flexibility.

Initially, this indicates you will not be restricted to the kind of email marketing you can do by your e-mail service. Some email services like ActiveCampaign and MailChimp discredit individuals doing affiliate marketing type emails. However since you are utilizing your own SMTP service, this is not a problem.

Second, this will help you avoid e-mail deliverability concerns. With an e-mail service like ConvertKit, you’re sharing a SMTP service (Mailgun in this example) with all their other users. If any of them are doing bad things with their e-mail marketing, it might impact your email deliverability.

This won’t take place if you use your own SMTP service, however if for some factor your e-mails do get blocked, you can switch out your SMTP service with another and start again.

What I don’t like about Clickfunnels Actionetics

1: Expensive for small lists

If you have a small list, or are just dabbling with email marketing, then it may hard to validate the $297 cost to get access to Actionetics. For most people, it’s not worth it just for that.

You can quickly make due with a less expensive ActiveCampaign account and utilize ClickFunnels simply great with it.

2: No Assistance for Custom-made Fields

Unlike other e-mail services, there’s no support for including custom fields. So you’re limited to the integrated in fields that Clickfunnels Actionetics provides you.

If you require the extra flexibility that customized fields supply then you will require to look in other places for your e-mail marketing.

3: It’s entirely tied to ClickFunnels

If you’re all-in on ClickFunnels, then it makes sense to utilize Actionetics as well. You just need to bear in mind that if you ever stopped utilizing ClickFunnels, you would likewise need to stop using Actionetics and move over everything over to another e-mail service.

Actionetics does let you export all your contacts though, so you do not need to worry about losing them. But transforming all your Action Funnels to your new e-mail provider might be a pain. So that’s something you need to think about.

An Inside Look at Clickfunnels Actionetics

As soon as you’ve updated your ClickFunnels account, you will get access to the Actionetics menu which consists of 4 items:


The contacts page of Clickfunnels Actionetics is relatively standard. You’ll see all your contacts in a table with their details That includes their profile photo (if they have one) and you can tailor the table columns to reveal the details you want.

Actionetics Contacts

Drilling down into a particular contact will reveal you some more fascinating info. You’ll see the elements that make up their action score, and you can see their purchase history and whether they remain in any of your subscriptions.

Actionetics Contacts Particulars

One annoyance with contacts I discovered is that it’s hard to erase them. You can just archive them, and it’s a multi-step process to do so. You also can’t easily bulk archive contacts either.

Email Lists
On this page, you’ll see all the e-mail lists you have actually created. For better organization you can organize lists together by tags which is a great function.

To create a list, click the + Add Brand-new List button.

Then you’ll give your list a Name, optional Group Tag and the alternative to make your list a Smart List

Actionetics New Email List.

I talked about Smart Lists above, however to sum up, they permit you to dynamically add contacts to your lists based upon rules you specify. It will definitely save you some time total but you do require to prepare in advance what rules you want when developing your list.

Something to note is that you can’t change this setting when your list is created.

Broadcasts enable you to send one-off emails to your consumers. These work for time delicate content or announcements that don’t make good sense as part of an autoresponder sequence.

To develop one, just click on the + New Email Broadcast button.

You’ll be required to another page where you will specify the Topic Line and From fields of your e-mail. You likewise need to pick 1 or more Email Lists that your broadcast will be sent to.

Actionetics Broadcast Settings

One good setting is that you can send your email to just subscribers that have actually been active in the past X days.

You will also require to pick whether you wish to send your email immediately or at a particular date and time.

Clickfunnels Actionetics does not let you send pure, plain text emails. Rather you will constantly need to select from among 12 offered email design templates:

So to continue you need to click among the templates and choose Use This Template.

This will reveal you a sneak peek of your chosen e-mail design template and you can click the Open Email Editor button to edit it.

What’s great about the Email Editor is that it works very similarly to the ClickFunnels editor. So making your e-mails look how you desire them is a relatively basic procedure.

Clickfunnels Actionetics Email Editor

Once whatever is done, you can press the Save & Send Test email to ensure everything is working. Then click the Send out Email to send your broadcast e-mail out to the world.

Action Funnels
Action Funnels are the heart of Actionetics.

To produce one, click on the New Action Funnel button.

In the resulting popup, you’ll enter in your Action Funnel name, a group tag (for company functions), the list it must be related to, and the SMTP configuration you wish to send out with.

Develop Action Funnel

Next, you will need to include 1 or more Action Funnel Steps which you can do by pressing the + Add Brand-new Step button.

In the Action Funnel Action popup, you have to offer your action a name, and define a time period when you want your action to be triggered. Lastly you need to choose whether you desire the action to Send out an e-mail or Do an Action.

Sending out an e-mail has comparable settings to sending out a broadcast. You initially require to choose a template and after that modify it with your email’s content.

Action Funnel Action

Nevertheless, what makes Clickfunnels Actionetics special is the capability to add Guideline Groups which I’ve talked about above with Smart Lists. This is how Actionetics does email segmentation and by using these rules you can make sure that each e-mail in your sequence is sent out to the most targeted group of individuals on your list.

Benefit from this to keep your list as engaged as possible with the material that each client wants to see.

If you choose the Do an Action funnel step you will be required to a various popup window. What actions are readily available to you depend upon the combinations you have setup in your account.

You can look at the combinations offered by clicking on your profile picture on the top right and choosing the Integrations menu. Some actions are simple like integrating with your existing e-mail service. However ClickFunnels can also incorporate with most popular webinar services for example to register your leads.

You can also send out text with Twilio or internet browser push alerts with Pushcrew.

And when ClickFunnels adds more combinations, you’ll be able to do a growing number of.

As you include actions to your ActionFunnel, they will be automatically included order of their trigger time. The timing is displayed on the left hand side so you can easily see when each action is going to run.

Example Action Funnel

Once your ActionFunnel is live, you will be able to click on each step to take a look at the stats. For your e-mail actions you will see the number of e-mails have actually been sent out and their open and click through rates. Action steps will show how sometimes a specific action has actually been run.

Actionetics Pricing

As I have actually discussed a number of times in this review, Actionetics is only available as part of the $297/month Etison Suite plan.

It’s a little hard to compare on price with other e-mail provider, considering that Clickfunnels Actionetics is not a standalone service. So it’s not truly an apples to apples contrast.

To utilize Clickfunnels Actionetics, you also need to use a separate 3rd celebration SMTP server to send out e-mails. SendGrid has a complimentary alternative or you can utilize the SMTP services of your webhosting account (if you have one). Otherwise, you may have to pay additional if you wish to utilize a service like Mandrill.

While there are no explicit Actionetics discounts I’ve seen anywhere, you can conserve loan on the Etison Suite plan by buying Funnel Hacks.

You pay $997 up front, and you’ll get 6 months free of Actionetics. If you do the mathematics, this brings the expense to about $167 a month which is a lot. I extremely advise going this route if you are going to upgrade.

Actionetics vs ActiveCampaign
So how does Actionetics compare to my present preferred email service, ActiveCampaign?

Initially, ActiveCampaign’s visual automation home builder is awesome and it’s far more flexible and effective then anything Actionetics can do.

Since Clickfunnels Actionetics doesn’t support custom-made fields, you can’t utilize it to create more advanced automations like CF Followup Pro for instance.

Plus, you can even divide test your automations which will help boost your conversions.

Cost wise, ActiveCampaign is also much cheaper if you have a small list.

Clickfunnels Actionetics does have a few benefits over ActiveCampaign.

First, it’s directly integrated with ClickFunnels so you don’t need to switch over to an entirely new software to manage your email marketing. Whatever is right there in the exact same location, which lots of people like.

Plus it has the very same ClickFunnels user experience for designing emails so you don’t need to find out and keep in mind how to utilize two different software.

Finally, it scales with you far better as your organisation gets more effective and you begin building a larger and bigger e-mail list. With ActiveCampaign, your regular monthly cost would keep increasing while with Clickfunnels Actionetics, your cost is repaired.

Last Thoughts
If you’re going to immerse yourself in the ClickFunnels world, then it makes good sense to try Actionetics for your e-mail marketing. It’s quite easy to utilize and it has a lot of useful functions.

It also flawlessly integrates with ClickFunnels which will enable you to make one less regular monthly repeating payment for your e-mail service.

While it does require updating to the ClickFunnels’ Etison Suite plan to utilize, if you were going to use this strategy anyways, then I would absolutely suggest providing Clickfunnels Actionetics a shot as your e-mail marketing platform.

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