You may be hearing the name flying around or you may know who him already and just intrigued by the man. Well, you?re not the only one. Russel Brunson is a pioneer, a leading figure and a guru in the world of internet marketing.

He has built an internet empire through different projects, businesses and enterprises making tons and tons of money and building a $360 million dollar company from scratch ? and it was entirely self-funded!!! Now that ladies and gentlemen is an entrepreneur.

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So some 500 plus miles away from silicon valley ? the hotbed of all tech companies ? sits a little town called Boise in Idaho. Here lay the foundations and company of one of the biggest and baddest SaaS companies around ? Clickfunnels!

The amazing thing about Clickfunnels is Russel built this company completely without any venture capitalist or any influence from bigwig shareholders. He built the company ? obviously aided by staff ? with complete control. He has managed to grow the company into an international mega-monster that helps entrepreneurs build their companies online and ultimately, make more sales.

He?s done this through sheer will and determination but more than that an incredibly astute business and marketing mind. He provides a fantastic service and creates the hype and buzz behind it to keep it growing and growing. Now the company isn?t even that old, but in 4 years it?s incredibly well known amongst entrepreneurs.

Now if you don?t follow Brunson online in any way, he?s an incredibly upbeat, optimistic and clearly passionate man. He exudes energy and passion for his work. But behind the slightly boyish demeanour is a seasoned veteran in online marketing. Russel doesn?t claim to be a gift from God, far from it and actually always reiterates he?s not ?smart?. Well, we can hardly say he?s stupid. But what I think Russel is getting at ? and why so many people are drawn to him ? is that you don?t need to be super smart, you don?t need to be a tech geek and understand coding. You just need enthusiasm and passion and Russel certainly has lots of that!

What Russel also has is an innate desire to help people. Sure, he?s made lots and lots of money but what I believe gets him up in the morning and keeps him motivated is genuinely helping other entrepreneurs and internet marketers realize their dreams.

What has made him successful is his relentless drive, he?s able to assess, evaluate and change ads, funnels, and other such mediums to create high converting businesses. He?s honed his skill to the point where he has become a master salesman ? although he would never admit it and one thing he always promotes is to ?always keep learning.?

Brunson?s first ever profitable venture was a DIY screen projector that he sold for $40. Once he made his first bit of money, he was hooked and never looked back. From having his internet cut off and being in thousands of dollars of debt he?s grown a business empire. In between this, he?s made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling do-it-your-own potato guns and?best-selling books. Through his ventures, he?s realised the power of sales funnels, but every time him and his team built one, it took a huge investment of web developers and coders and at least 4 weeks. This problem finally gave him the idea for Clickfunnels.

So back in 2014, Russel decided to create Clickfunnels, originally designed to help him and his team build funnels quickly, he soon found out other entrepreneurs could fulfil their dreams of becoming rich and successful. Making money online without spending large amounts of money was now a reality.

If anybody doesn?t know what ClickFunnels is. It?s the most comprehensive sales funnel software on the market. It allows you to have complete control over your buying process. They have funnels for almost all markets and industries and complete website pages, including sales pages, checkout pages, opt-in forms and even thank you pages.

Russel Brunson is a master marketer and salesman and Clickfunnels is constantly updating their funnels and software. The Saas also includes something called ?Actionetics? ? a fully automated email campaign and allows you to customize your leads based on their actions.

Now over 250,000 people have registered for Clickfunnels and over 1 billion dollars have been processed! Russel and Clickfunnels have changed the game and provided like-minded entrepreneurs to sell their products and services with serious ease.