US Government and BP ignore health issues, censor and blackout media, lie to public, concerning Gulf oil spill disaster

* Originally posted 06/28/2010
** Content last, but not thoroughly, updated 7/23/2010 – Gulf Oil Spill Day 95
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The title is a pretty strong accusation, and one that I am passionate about. After my first blog post on the subject, I gradually became obsessed with the ever-flowing catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I took it upon myself to do as much research as possible, and what I began to find was very unsettling. So I dug deeper, became more fixated, and consequently, more frightened and repulsed.

Death by Gas

I am going to briefly list some true and verifiable facts about the oil spill. Many of these our own government, as well as BP, are deliberately hiding from the public:

The chemicals polluting the gulf are toxic and hazardous to humans.
[BP has been dismissing alarming health reports and concerns from locals around the Gulf, the volunteers, and the surfers and boaters further up the coast. Tony Hayward has provided excuses such as “food poisoning” and refuses to give the proper equipment needed to protect the health and lives of their workers (most of which have no where else to turn). See the videos for more horrifying details on this.]

There is a media blackout and BP and the government are censoring what you see and what you know about the oil spill. There was a 65-foot “safety zone” around clean-up areas with a Class D Felony as punishment for “prosecutors.” UPDATE: This has since been repealed thanks to some First Amendment activists.
[For a more detailed report on the new “BP Laws” and what it’s role in censorship, Click here. BP also uses despicable scare tactics to keep employees from talking to media, such as threats of job loss. BP CEO Tony Hayward denies the obvious truth about this (as seen in the video below). The major news stations (per request/threat by the government and/or BP) repeatedly refuse to tell the public about these same concerns that are continuously brought to their attention by their citizens. In most cases, what is shown on the news is only what the government and BP allow. Videos, pictures, and reports that have portrayed BP in a negative light and/or have shown the true extent of the disaster have been mysteriously taken off the air and, when possible, off the internet.]

The use of dispersant by BP has its own negative environmental impact.
[Not only is the oil killing the ocean life, but BP is also destroying our marine ecosystem with chemicals to help keep the oil from shore. However, they will not fund research or try an environmentally friendly method or product. According to this GovMonitor article, as of June 30th, “about 1.6 million gallons of total dispersant have been applied: 1.03 million on the surface and 552,000 subsea.” Holy ##&!]

There is a great chance the oil spill will eventually make it’s way around Florida and up the East Coast and will affect other parts of the Atlantic Ocean.
[Currently, BP says this is less than a 1% chance, yet the oil still flows and we’re past day 90 of the spill. No end seems to be in sight. Basic science exploits BP’s lie and a video at the end of the article projects the oil’s progress through the ocean currents. Because of BP’s statement, many, if not all, towns and beaches along the east coast are unprepared for this seemingly imminent contact. This is also the beginning of hurricane season, and the passing of Hurricane Alex has already proven that the weather will play a major factor in slowing the clean-up operations.]

Will the Oil Spill Affect the Entire Earth?

So for those of us concerned, what do we do?! Luckily, there has recently been an emergence of a strong-minded group with the mission “to get out the truth and mobilize mass independent action to stop the oil blowout, clean up the oil and prevent it from hitting shore, protect and treat threatened wildlife, repair all devastation and protect peoples’ health and livelihood.”

This organization is the Emergency Committee to Stop the Gulf Oil Disaster (Previously known as the Gulf Emergency Summit.) For more information on the group and how you can help, please visit their website.

Below, I’ve attached three different videos that cover in much more detail the points I’ve outlined. Although one of the videos is 15 minutes long, I urge you all to take the time to listen to and consider all of the information being given. Please do your own research and educate yourself on this catastrophe. Be a Good Samaritan, and STAND UP for your fellow Americans. There are many ways that you can contribute to the cause, and knowledge is power.

Health Concerns

Kinda Arnesen

Censorship / Media Blackout

After discovering all this shocking information, inevitable questions were raised within myself:

What are they being so secretive?
[The massive cover-up and media blackout strongly suggests that there is more to this disaster than meets the eye. It is obvious for the purpose of their image that BP try and hide the amount of dead wildlife and the destruction of the beaches. However, their employment of mysterious rent-a-cops, threats of arrest, and massive amount of money spent on censoring the media suggests that something bigger is at play.]

Why has Obama, our US President, mainly ignored this catastrophe and sat idly by as BP takes longer than needed to fix the problem?
[Why hasn’t he put his foot down and taken command of this situation? He is fast to rush in and take over banks for bail-out, but doesn’t seem hastened or motivated to fund a solution and bring together the brightest minds in the world to find it.]

Why has the US denied help from field experts as well as foreign countries who could help with or potentially even fix the problem?
[Why are we still letting BP try to control a problem that is clearly out of their hands and has been continuously destroying the land and marine life of the Gulf? How much longer does the oil need to flow, how many more people need to become sick, how many more marine animals killed, before the situation is under control?]

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  1. I have read so many articles or reviews concerning the blogger lovers but this piece of writing is genuinely a fastidious piece of writing, keep it up.

  2. there ‘s a whole row of prop to confuse people. started day one “we cant measure the flow, day two: “bp wont allow it… similar for toxins, same for what happens to the waste, same for some reports mentioning 10000s of dead fish and other animal. and ofcourse there is “natural seepage” , only, that does hardly exist, what is actually leaking, except bp, are just the other oil facility’s. old, working or new. and you bet a heap of dirty oil can get dumped with the coast guard only trying to proof “not from bp” , i think they just don’t account for the dispersants in the mix to find an excuse to say its not from the blow out. no, you all people now heavily and crudely believe in “natural” heavy crude seepage, but not me, now what else would be as bullshitty? quite anything meant for the public. (natural ‘seepage’ i have seen estimated at 1% of what ships spill.. let alone wells. mindless repetition to create a population of nitwitz.

  3. If you knew early on in an event that something was hopeless would you throw money in it knowing that in doing so would have little effect in the long run?

  4. The government is yet both good and evil. Without it- our population would be in chaos because there would be no law or structure. However with it- it becomes corrupt with greed which will eventually destroy our everyone and everything.

  5. This is truly disgusting. Does it shock me? Hell no. The government has lied from the very beginning. Free Nation? Never has been and probably never will be. We have to find our own freedom within ourselves. Screw the government.

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