All the Sugar Shit you can Flush

Sugar ShitAh, the lucky children of today, and their wondrous toys!

Can there be any doubt of it? While it’s proven again and again that sugar, instead of making children hyperactive, simply contributes to becoming wonderfully obese and belonging to the 2nd generation willing to accept Type 2 diabetes and joint problems as a lifestyle. But how could a child resist the lure of dunking their lolli into sugar shit? “Would that I were a chlid again!” The government is well aware of the problem, but doesn’t want to upset the various simple starch industries, so we suffer the vagaries of governmental fear and blasé. Yet here it is in its simplest statement: sugar is shit and we’re happy to suck it out of the shitter. Yay! :)


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  1. I’d like to point out that it’s type 2 diabetes that’s a lifestyle ;)
    If I recall correctly, Dean the Unpaid Intern is diabetic and a speedo superstar

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