Police Officer Steals Pot, Thinks He’s Dying

Here’s an old but funny news clip of a 911 call where a police officer calls in and reports himself. The crime? The cop confiscated marijuana from suspects and made pot brownies with his wife. Once they were good and high, he thought that he “overdosed” and made the call. It must have been some good green.

I’m not sure which is more funny.. the idiot cop (it’s virtually impossible1 to overdose on marijuana) or Parella, the laughing news anchor that starts to snort.

“I think we’re dead. Time is going by really really really really slow.”

Honestly, I think it’s pretty unfair he was allowed to resign without any charges being pressed against himself or his wife. Why do I care? Besides the obvious, this serves as propaganda of the faux “lethal dangers” of pot!

1 Author’s note: Let it be known I do not refer to Urban Dictionary as a legit informational source. But most of their submitted definitions of “marijuana overdose” are scientifically true or hilarious.


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