Sarah Palin + Kate Gosselin = MESS

What is on Sarah Palin’s agenda with all this reality show BS? Who the hell knows.. but it’s confirmed- she’s crazy.

As you probably know- Sarah Palin has a new 8 episode series on the TLC channel called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” The show is supposed to be about family life, family values, and the great outdoors. (And killing a lot of animals for fun)

So WTF is this really about? If you’ve seen the show, it’s clear she loves shooting guns and pretending to love her ##&!ed-up family. (Daughter Bristol- unmarried and pregnant at 18. Willow- openly homophobic, gay-basher on Facebook) Every time Sarah talks- it’s some sort of fabricated crap. She narrates everything, trying to make herself look legit but ultimately sounding like an idiot. (Ex: Continuously trying to downplay the moronic statement she made a couple of years ago that she could see Russia from her house. The joke’s over, and it’s too late to recover from it now.)

KATE GOSSELIN and her 8 kids are on the next episode (Sunday, Dec 12th 2010) ..WTF? This makes absolutely no sense. They aren’t friends and Kate hates camping.. so obviously this is some type of cheap publicity stunt for both of them. But wait- I thought the show is about family values and the great outdoors? Well Kate’s a divorced A-hole.. so let’s pick her to be on the show.

The funny thing is- they apparently had a terrible time together. Gosselin + Palin = horrible mix. I guess they are too alike to be friends. Two fake & annoying bioch’s.

If the purpose of this show is to promote Palin running for President in the 2012 election- the world is really going to end.

For clips of the show, click here

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