Here She Goes Again… Bachmann vs. OWS

Michele Bachmann has once again stuck her big nose into a situation where she really needs to keep her opinion to herself. Earlier this month, during CNN’s State of the Union, Michele Bachmann suggested that occupying Wall Street is less likely to gain any more traction than the Tea Party she loves so much has. This is despite the fact that polls show more Americans in favor of the OWS movement than the Tea Party. Someone needs to buy this woman some bleach and turn her into a blonde. She is so good at missing the point of something and spinning it into something else. She should at least look the part. Giving brunettes a bad name Michele, tsk tsk. (Another example is her stating she would like for Judges to no longer tell people the laws of the US. Um, let me get this right, you don’t want judges to do their jobs now? What’s next? A lawyer being a medical doctor?)

Bachmann has also said that: “If you go to the essence of what Occupy Wall Street stands for, it’s having other people pay for their stuff.” Wrong again. The OWS movement is about holding the 1% accountable for the state of our economic crisis and doing more for the interests of the public than the private. Bachmann wouldn’t understand this though. After all, she’s the one sticking her grubby palm out for some extra play dough. Would you like an example? Here’s a random fact, taken from the Washington Post: $417,000 loan was taken out from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for a luxury home for Bachmann. All while she was busy fighting the big bad mortgage man. I smell a hypocrite hiding behind that horrible hair and clown makeup. So now she is not only a Republican, but a Socialist. How can you talk about having moral values and a family life when you won’t even help the families that are the 99%? Shame on you again, Bachmann! You should go dust off your own charcoal remnants before you go showering it on others.

Wake up, America – this is exactly the type of people running our country. The only bad thing about this one in particular is she wants to be President. Michele Bachmann needs to just fade back into the state she came from, you know, the one full of pots and kettles.

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