HP CEO Accused of Sexual Harassment, Resigns

K, Peace Out!

Dun, dun, dun.. and another one bites the dust.

Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd recently joined the ranks of Tony Hayward when he resigned from his position just a few days ago. This was the result of an investigation into sexual harassment allegations made against him and the company. That naughty boy! Apparently he asked a former HP contractor for a special topping of the lap (or something like that). Bad news for Mark, she wasn’t into getting packard by an old daddy with a bad comb-over.

What ya grabbin’ for, Mark?

The contractor who the sexual harassment claim centered around was Jodie Fisher, age 50, who is an actress and businesswoman. Following the investigation, it was determined that the company’s sexual harassment policy was not actually violated. So why did Mr. Hurd resign? Because reportedly, the company’s standard of business conduct was broken.

Sooo.. he was found not guilty.. but gave up his coveted position anyway. Now that takes a real man to do…

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