BP Caps Oil Spill: A temporary fix & waiting disaster?

FINALLY! For the first time in 86 days, oil has stopped gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. Good news.. but a haunting feeling tells me that this is nothing but a temporary fix that may be another disaster waiting to happen. BP is unsure if their cap will be able to withstand the pressure of the oil trying to push its way to the surface. If not, the results could be even more catastrophic than the previous tragedy that has destroyed the Gulf’s environment, economy, and lives of thousands of people. Even if it is successful, this disaster is no where near over and will affect the Gulf area for years. Read a full report here.

Polly Hates Tar Balls

This past Monday night, I drove with a friend 14.5 hours down to New Orleans to investigate the oil spill in the Gulf myself. We met up with the leaders of the Emergency Committe to Stop the Gulf Oil Disaster to stand against BP and their immoral tactics. I was immediately immersed in a world of political and environmental activism that has been heart-wrenching, eye-opening, and quite frankly- kick-ass and insane.

Two days ago, on Tuesday, we made a road-trip from NOLA to a small Gulf beach town in Mississippi called Waveland. The organization had received a report from a film-maker who had visited the site to document the oil washing onshore. Because of its almost remote location, this town is not a media hot-spot or a threat to the image of BP. Therefore, we were able to obtain footage and witness first-hand a mix of crude and weathered oil that had washed up on shore without interference of rent-a-cops denying our first amendment. Because of the tight security and media blackout by BP in other locations, this was a rare and amazing experience. Here are some of the pictures I was able to take on-site:

So far, this trip has been an awesome adventure. More updates, crazy stories, and VIDEOS of my time here are coming soon! [I would upload them now or write more.. but I’m drunk off an 18% ACL/VOL $3.50 mix of gin and juice bought at a gas station. ]


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