How To Clean A Dirty Dog – Zebra Style

About a week ago, one of my best friends, Kobi, and myself took my dog Lewis and went romping around the wetlands surrounding a local lake. Lewis is some type of daschund-mix (or his own breed) who was a rescue being fostered by a good friend of mine before I adopted him about a year ago. Since then Lewis has been my best friend and, like me, he likes to get his paws dirty. So by the end of our adventure we were both covered in mud. I thought it would be a good time to make a short, instructional video on the best way to wash a muddy dog.. so I handed my iPhone to Kobi and had him record this video.

Please ignore my ridiculous facial expression at 0:08.

Lewis was not harmed in the making of this video! He loves water (and flying through the air!) And don’t worry.. this was not the same lake that was the recent scene of public indecencyI wouldn’t dare let my baby touch that nasty water.


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