Desperate Living: “A Work of True Trash Art” from 1977

“I don’t want no white man looking at my Tampax”

Have you ever gone in Blockbuster and seen a really obscure movie cover that made you want to rent the movie but knew it would absolutely suck.  Welcome to “Desperate Living,” a movie about a psychotic outpatient (Peggy) who murders her husband by using the ass of her obnoxiously overweight African American maid, Grizelda.

“Grizelda” killing Peggy’s husband by sitting on him

As a result, the two are exiled from their town and have to live in Mortville.  Mortville is a land of social outcasts consisting of “criminals, nudists, and sexual deviants.” Peggy and Grizelda are forced to live there and randomly engage in lesbian sex. Mortville is also controlled by an evil Queen who demands sexual favors quiet frequently from her team of servants.

I’ll go ahead and ruin the ending.  Grizelda dies, Peggy turns evil and joins forces with the Queen, the citizens get pissed and shoot Peggy up her anus to kill her.. then the citizens kill and eat the Queen in a pig roast type fashion.

All the main characters die and the movie ends.  Great movie.

The following is the first 8 minutes of the movie and the official trailer.

“Is that what you learned in private school? …And as for you, I never thought you would rape your own sister! Oh God, the children are having sex!”


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