We am spase peepole

Just wanted to throw out a random video that has been taunting us since American Online and dial-up were hot. “We am spase peeople” is a classic from ebaumsworld that will make you want to throw up after 10 seconds.

Summary of video:

Multiple faces that appear to have down syndrome circle around an overweight guitarist whose sex is unknown….Then the narrator/vocalist goes outside and sees more down syndrome faces flying around the sky. These are the “spase peepole.”

Completely tasteless but an addicting must watch..kind of like 2 girls 1 cup but minus the poo poo



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  1. we cum from space, no we dont cum up here.it would go into our faa-cesss. and i dont like cum all over MY face, but i do like to cum all over YOUR face. so do do doo doo do. on your face too.,

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