B52’s Roam – Acid-Inspired Music Video

The song “Roam” by the B-52’s is a well-known classic. It’s gorgeous and feel-good, with an upbeat melody and lyrics. Not to mention Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson are vocal goddesses (have you heard their sea animal noises in “Rock Lobster” ?!)

To be a 1990’s song I hear it pretty often.. but I am only now discovering the music video. Besides showing clips from around the world, it makes absolutely no sense and feels like an acid trip. (Hmm.. I wonder why??) But it is random and funny and probably only cost them $20 to make.

Some of my favorite clips include: the floating banana and donut insertion, the screaming woman surrounded by a clip-art alligator border, and anything involving the first-gen green screen.

“the trip begins with a[n acid] kiss”

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