Mini Daddy- The Most Beautiful Boy…

I am working on finding a translator but as far as I can tell Daddy Yankee had an illegitimate child (Adriansito) while on tour in Puerto Rico. Much to my surprise (like Willow Smith and Justin Bieber) this kid’s song seems to have a strange effect over people.

After watching the video, I am still unsure if it’s his moving lyrics, the beat, or the amazing backup dancers– however, one thing is certain: Mini Daddy has joined the ranks of this decades child stars.


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  1. holy shit–that was hypnotic. Cruel and hypnotic. But also amazing. I love how the music–baseline, accompaniment–all sounds like it came off one of those 12×6 lil casio keyboards…. also how ineffectually sexual all the dancing tried to be. I think someone forgot those girls don’t have tits. And stuff. XD

    thanks for the find,

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