Stan the Superhero

So everyone knows what’s going on in this short animation- in the retro movie “Total Recall,” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eyes pop out of his sockets after he is exposed to the low air pressure of Mars. This short cartoon uploaded by Bing (YouTuber slomozovo) similarly (but comically) depicts what most people believe would happen to someone exposed to low pressure. So I did some research myself to see if this is true (there would be a lot of flying superheros missing their eyeballs!) Unfortunately, according to some scientific evidence that is summarized in this short article, this is not the case. Instead of losing your eyes you’d really just quickly pass out and die (unless re-pressurized in time). True or not, that would make the movies and cartoons like this much less fun.

Animated by Edgar Nielsen. Voiced by TomSka (creator of the ASDF cartoon series)

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