High Times Editorial Office – Happy 4/20!

HAPPY 4/20!!

It’s that time of year again! April 20th – a stoner’s favorite holiday. Flowers are blooming, pollen saturates the air, allergies are flaring up- there’s obviously no better time to cloud your lungs with smoke and tar. So pack the bong and roll a J – it’s time to celebrate!

These hilarious videos are College Humor originals and give you an idea of what it might be like to work for the nation’s most popular pothead publication, High Times. I’m not gonna lie.. it looks fun as ##&! If it’s even similar to their real office, I should have used my (almost worthless) English degree in professional writing to work at this magazine. Hell, I would have skipped college altogether- it really doesn’t take a B.A to be a weed tester or to build a tower of chicken nuggets..

These videos are even more appropriate since High Times magazine was mainly responsible for popularizing the term “420” after an article the creative director wrote on the Waldos in the late ’90s (according to this wiki article)

The second installment gets even better..

Oh yea, I almost forgot a special shout-out.. mom says “high”


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