VID: Ayds. The Gift that Keeps Giving!

What the ##&! were the makers thinking when they named this product??

I’m not sure if this is what inspired South Park’s “Jared Has Aids” episode, but this old school commercial for a diet pill alternative is one of the most funny things I have listened to in a while. I ended up not needing to buy the product though because I laughed my ass off.

The announcer is great, he tries to really sell it to you in the first video: “Why take diet pills when you can enjoy Ayds?” However, I think the women in the commercials might even be better: “Ayds helped me lose the weight and has nothing in it that can make me nervous” and “you don’t eat so much at meal and I don’t want fattening things.”

Sorry Subway but it looks like we don’t need you anymore!

“Thank Goodness for Ayds”


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