Crazy Fetishes. Your Bedroom May Feel Normal?

The Shoulder Ride

Shoulder riding or piggy back riding will be a childhood memory of mine now tarnished. Apparently people get off on this type of activity. The original video we had posted had a description that read as follows: “I like it very much to ride on older men. You see a short video, because the battery of the camera was empty. I can sit on the old man of about 4 minutes and bouncing on his shoulders” SEE MORE:


I kind of get it.. but shoving a piece of the Golden Gate bridge up your ##&! seems a bit extreme?

“Air Pumping”

This is really messed. It looks unhealthy, unnatural, and it’s just wrong. People who are into “air pumping,” like to pump air up their ass to the point where their belly expands. Then they fart for hours and that’s basically the fun of it. There is a whole YouTube and online community of ass pumpers. In case you were wondering, “BloatedBoy20” uses an aquarium pump.


I better hide my teddy bear before it gets ass raped. Plushophilia is having a fetish for stuffed animals or people in animal costumes. In the Plushophilia community, “yiffing” is commonly used to describe sexual acts between a person & “fur animal.” I’m not entirely sure how it’s used in a sentence though? Perhaps, “I just yiffed the giraffe you won at the fair. It sucked though because it was cheap and filled with Styrofoam balls. Now my ##&! is chafing.”


If you thought Plushophilia was extreme, think again. How about lodging your junk into a live Zebra. Beasteality is the act of having sex with animals. I thought it was illegal until “” said it was OK as long as you didn’t hurt the animal. That’s really good to know. I don’t need another cop on my ass. Sorry I couldn’t find an appropriate video.

According to Urban Dictionary, there is also the Cow Beasteality Exibitionist:
“A person who has sex with a cow in a pasture next to a busy highway so that the people passing in there cars can see it and often when and where they know that a school bus will be passing by so all the kids can see.”


I have an idea- let’s stay in tonight and lock up our genitals. Don’t worry about taking a shit or pissing. It’ll just have to stay backed up until we find the key.

“Robot Fetishism”

This one I get. Nobody will sleep with you- even after offering money to randoms on Craigslist. A chimpanzee is just too weird (not into beasteality), so you go with a robot. It’s a win-win and probably had adjustable speed and positioning.


I don’t even have to explain this one. According to the online squashing communities: Fat + Skinny = Perfect Squash. I’m not exactly sure how the dude is getting off. It would break the laws of physics if he achieved an erection.


According to Wiki, “The term Klismaphilia (sometimes spelled Klysmaphilia) refers to the receiving of sexual arousal from introducing liquids into the rectum and colon via the anus.”

“The Vacuum Bed”

I’m not sure why this is a popular fetish. You can’t move and your penis is constrained. Not my thing I guess. The most popular YouTube comment reads, “1 thing: why did a 20 second video need credits?”


Wollies are those who are obsessed with wool clothing. This picture is terrifying. I thought it was a funny Halloween picture until I realized it was a real “Wollie” family. They have wool penis’s and vagina’s. This seems 100% wrong and illegal. Why is the daughter grabbing her Dad’s fake wool penis?



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  1. Don’t knock what you don’t understand, leave the people be, as long as nobody is harming someone in the process, and if they are, it’s consentual, (I don’t condone beastiality though, that is wrong). The moron who wrote this article is probably the kinkiest of them all.

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