NOT OK: After watching a new episode of Showtime series”Shameless,” the term “Purity Ball” came to my attention for the first time.

A purity ball (father-daughter purity ballor purity wedding) is a formal ball dance event attended by fathers and their daughters. Purity balls promote virginity until marriage for teenage girls, and are often closely associated with Evangelical Christian churches in the United States. -wiki

Have you ever heard of something this sick?! Don’t worry- we found a video of one. WATCH VIDEO:

Any thoughts on this? Because I’m legitimately freaked out. Oh but wait. It get’s even worse…again.

Father-Daughter Purity Ball from Fieldwork Films on Vimeo.



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  1. I still kiss my dad and dance with him.. sometimes we sleep together and our legs touch. why is that such a bad thing?

  2. I’ve attended 3 purity balls. I should have only attended one, but daddy kept telling me that it must not have stuck the first time…

  3. And sexual promiscuousness is being replaced by patriarchal idolatry so that the ultimate evangelic patriarch, god, is given all the women he can afford, lest he become angry with our lack of sacrifices in his name. Oh, how far we have come from those heathen Neanderthals making sacrifices in the name of obviously false sun gods!

  4. this sounds sick- like the creeper man who asked me today, where the childrens play area is, if its crowded, and when i answered yes with disgust, he said awesome,.

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