4 Unnecessary & Random Videos to Watch When You’re Stoned and/or Bored

Little Miss Bunny

The most tasteless obsession I’ve ever had.

“Stricken by polio as a child, it appears that Johnnie bounced from foster home to foster home where he experienced some kind of abuse. Of course you probably figured that he was abused as a child in some way because no well-adjusted child would grow up to do that tap-dancing routine in lingerie while twirling a parasol, right?”

You can read all about this man (yes it’s a man) and watch tasteless remixes of the act here.

Pomeranian Train

I normally tame unicorn as a side gig but this could easily substitute.

Jan Terry

The most awful music video I’ve ever seen. But also the most sensitive lost soul I have ever seen. Is she still single? Apparently Jan Terri was a limo driver and starving artist. Who would have thought?

Toddlers in Tiaras

“WE’RE LATE FOR DIVA DAYS.” These parents and children need to be sent to an island far far away.

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