Seriously Mom- You Didn’t Know?

These pictures pretty much prove that being gay is not something you decide… it was decided for you. I know this because the majority of these pictures are of me!

One of my best friends who is now a drag queen.

Yet another heinous picture of me wearing a raccoon tail attached to my hat from a family trip out West.


Oh yes- that’s me again.

This picture is just the beginning. For hilarious videos of this Asian beauty, click here

Have pictures of you looking like a queen as a child?! Submit to: info[at]bestfunnyblog[dot]com



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    • yes. I found that accessory at a gift shop in a trailer park. I attached it to everything… including all of my hats. I also insisted on buying rabbit fur from every gas station we stopped it. I would cuddle up in the backseat of our minivan and drape them over my bar legs. More recently, they rotted in a box and we had to get rid of them. They were so old, that the skin actually meted in the box and developed into a an oily fury paste. Absolutely disgusting.

  1. Oh man oh man! What a haul! The last time I went to yankee candle the only haul I got was a case of the dia in my pants from all that sbarro pizza.

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