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Shiteen/S#&!head sings about her immunization to AIDs, being bad, defying gravity, and coughing blood. This video starts off semi-funny, goes completely weird, then leaves you wanting more. I’m completely freaked out by this woman, the music, and whoever created this.



Creepy Dolls w/ Creepy Faces.

Nothing is creepier than a twisted facial expression on a creepy dolls. They always seem to be staring right at you. Here is a picture list of some of the weirdest dolls with creepy faces.



Ace of Base: Lucky Love = Skewed Dance Party

Miss Penny Jackson loves to dance nonstop- especially to skewed 90′s music. “Lucky Love” was one of Ace of Base’s least memorable songs- however, Penny Jackson remembers.

Watch her drop it in metallic booty shorts and shake tits with Tia Marie. What a dirty animal! WATCH: (more…)

Dezzi’s Travel Log w/ Kissy, Lshante, & Jezzebel

Newest pics from my travels around the world. I had such a blast. So many new Facebook friends!!

In the streets of Taiwan w/ Kissy. It was dirty but food was cheap.

The Great Wall! My top kept falling down. Lshante kept running and Chinese official told her to stop. (more…)