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    VID: Maid Walks in on Inappropriate Sucking

    Wait a minute.. was that a man wanking in a cheap women’s costume… while sucking a 37inch dildo? WATCH: Trendingmaid walks inmaid walks in on guytosh o guy sucking dildorespect the do not disturb signmaid walks in on guy sucking dildoguy caught sucking dildomusccle guy sucking dildo caught by maidwoman walks in on guy sucking […]

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  • VID: Prank Goes WRONG! High Kicked in Face

    Some jackass thought it would be funny to Saran wrap their friends face (or maybe it was a random) in the mall. What the “prankster” didn’t know is that an observer thought he was a bad guy. You’ll just have to watch to see how much this must have sucked! Lesson learned: don’t be a […]

  • Seriously Mom- You Didn’t Know?

    These pictures pretty much prove that being gay is not something you decide… it was decided for you. I know this because the majority of these pictures are of me! One of my best friends who is now a drag queen. Yet another heinous picture of me wearing a raccoon tail attached to my hat […]