Tag: stupid video

  • What is the Sex of that Animal?

    This video is sick. Not necessarily a must watch by any means- but if you want to hear a high pitch voice singing “what is the sex of that animal” while watching random cats, this video is for you. The people that made this are sick and twisted. I would like to meet them. Youtube […]

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  • Boohbah. Seriously not ok.

    In case you haven’t been informed, Boohbah’s are another version of Teletubbies; only scarier and more addicting.  Their dancing is intoxicating, the noises they make are ridiculous, and the characters are random as hell and named stupid crap like “Mr. Man” and “Sister.”  After watching even a fragment of the show your senses will slightly […]

  • We am spase peepole

    Just wanted to throw out a random video that has been taunting us since American Online and dial-up were hot. “We am spase peeople” is a classic from ebaumsworld that will make you want to throw up after 10 seconds. Summary of video: Multiple faces that appear to have down syndrome circle around an overweight […]

  • u8a22 – Shameless Youtube Girl Sings. Completely Amazing.

    Update – 1/24/11: u8a22 is back on YouTube after deleting all of her original videos a few months ago for unknown reasons. Click here to read more and see her newest video. To watch the last video she uploaded before her disappearance, click here. The following videos were originally on her channel but have been […]