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SKEWED Video: Cunningham Muffins

Funny commercial spoof for the new flavors from Cunningham Muffins. Liam Kyle Sullivan, the comedian better known as Kelly, is the sicko behind this funny video. Like Shoes, this was a huge hit a few years ago and was an instant classic.

Delicious examples include: fish, paper-clip, cartoon, Israeli-Palestinian conflict muffins, and asbestos (Caution: may cause mesothelioma). Her face at the ending is creepy as ##&!. WATCH: (more…)


15-year-old has sex with over 800 people!

This spoof of the Maury Show is dead-on. OK, OK.. maybe it’s a little exaggerated. But honestly, after seeing the trashy people the show features and hearing about their absurd and twisted lives.. I could easily picture this as being real. This parody is probably based off a real episode from the daytime talk show which featured a 15 yo who had sex over 300 times. (more…)


How Michele Bachmann Copes With Migraines

This funny sketch by Funny or Die shows Michele Bachmann, the racist and homophobic female politician who wants to be President, and how she makes it through her a speech while suffering from incapacitating headaches. Her secret? Help from her flaming, yet somehow anti-gay, husband, Marcus Bachmann.. and a lot of drugs. Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi do great impersonations of the controversial & hypocritical political couple.

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Hate Weird Facebook Guys

Hilarious song spoof with the lyrics set to Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie.” Original music video from College Humor. Also includes a brief special appearance by Bo Burnham.

“Don’t understand why there’s ten replies. It’s not like I ever met you in real life”


Scary Mary (Poppins)

4 more days until Halloween! Horror movie trailer spoof for “Scary Mary” using scenes cut from Disney’s “Mary Poppins“. Funny video recut by Chris Rule. This was very well done and has obviously been a YouTube hit: