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  • Club Girl Mannequin Rocks Polly & Crackers.

    If ya didn’t know, bestfunnyblog also runs a unique tee line, Polly & Crackers. For some reason, we own this beautiful masterpiece. She’s missing a couple fingers but that doesn’t stop her. She’s just permanently rocking the “I love you”/shocker pose. Connie is always ready to rock out, and she has a tasteless fetish for […]

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  • Tis the season for trendy tees!

    We hope you get what you wanted this year.. especially if it’s a sexy T-shirt from Polly & Crackers! Click here to visit the P&C store blog. Trendingnaked family christmas photosFunny naked christmas picturesnaked christmas pictures

  • Employee Review Template. Free 2 use.

    In case you’re a small business owner and need an employee review template, we’ve uploaded ours to ease the troubled search. The Polly and Crackers employee audit is easy to use and can easily prove or disprove the legitimacy of any employee’s work ethic. Trendingfunny employee reviewsemployee review templatefree employee review templatefunny employee review commentsfunny […]

  • Does Anyone Remember Zima?

    Remember kick’n it with a Zima? It had that distinct aftertaste that resembled a combination of throw-up, metal, and wine.  To mask the taste- you could put a jolly rancher in it…and be REALLY cool.  One of my favorite features was the rigid bottle design.  The bottle effortlessly refracted light like a cheap gem necklace […]