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  • u8a22 wears ‘Shady Bitch’ and sings Whitney Houston

    UPDATE: R.I.P Whitney Houston (Feb. 11, 2012). Our favorite girl is back– and this time better than ever. u8a22 (You ate a 22 rifle.. or tu-tu??) sings “I want to dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston. She gives us (Polly & Crackers) an awesome shout out and stellar performance while wearing our shirt- “Shady Bitch.“ […]

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  • Benny Lava!

    My loony bun is fine!! This funny Indian music video is an oldie but a goodie. “Buffalax” is a YouTube user who assigns funny song “lyrics” to crazy (and usually international) music videos. He writes the fake song lyrics himself.. so they are by no means real translations.. just what he believes they sound like […]

  • B52’s Rock Lobster Music Video

    “Put on your noseguard. Put on the lifeguard. Pass the tanning butter.” And I thought the “Roam” video was trippy.. Here is the old school music video for the B-52’s classic “Rock Lobster” .. one of the band’s most lyrically insane songs brought to life with crazy video clips and animation. Probably also inspired by […]

  • Now Jay-Z is Turning to Pre-teens

    Apparently Jay-Z has signed Willow [Will Smith’s daughter] to his label, Roc Nation. Her first single “Whip My Hair” has been blowing up across the internet this past month. She’s got talent, but she looks like a preteen with an overly ginormous lesbian haircut. I’m scared to see what it looks like when she gets […]