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Fancy Catz – Dedicated to Kitty Corruption?

Fancy cats, lol video

A psycho lady decides to make a “Fancy Cats” website dedicated to talented and funny cats, similar to IcanHazCheezburger. Raging like a bitch, she tries to get her poor kittehs to pose for LOL catz funny pictures.

Hilarious example of what some crazy people probably go through to take those pics. I love it when she tries to make one smoke a cig.She did it for two hours earlier! She was on command opening her mouth!!

This belongs in our Best of Youtube category – it’s an original sketch comedy by TheSecondCityNetwork.

“Don’t you back up into that window! You put the necklace on your neck!”


Cracked Out Cat Fights for its Cig

This is a video of a cat fighting for its cigarette while the owner tries to take it away. But hey- everyone needs their quick fix! As YouTube user “CTrace” states, “It’s cute, but what they don’t show you is that´╗┐ before this video, the kitten had some truly awesome sex”