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  • Revolt of the Babies

    [OPPA!] – Official Polly Press Announcement We’ve created another creepy ‘n funny music video. The film includes: amazing dance moves by random locals, a drive-through- interview, a boppin’ buffet, and a toilet.. among other things. Some of it was captured on a belligerent Wednesday night out. We set the footage to a hot techno track […]

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  • P&C: Obnoxious T-Shirt Commercial by Penny Jackson

    Penny Jackson is a hot mess that likes shiny booty shorts, shiny accessories, and Polly & Crackers Tees. She’s 1/2 dude, 1/2 sex fox, but [he]she’s always a doll. This is clearly a video that’s not worth anyones time…. but did I mention Penny J just might be one of the writers for bestfunnyblog?!  ;) […]

  • He's Buckets of… FUN

    “I’m Mr. cheap cialis sale online no prescription Bucket. Put your balls in my mouth.” I don’t know who remembers this game, but it was definitely pretty popular in my day. Looking back on it is a little scary. The rules are pretty simple. homework help Rule number one: be the first to get your […]