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  • Siri Argument. Original College Humor Video

    A new way to communicate with your spouse. This video started out like “wtf,” then got funny quickly. At least you can now use a digital middleman/woman as your breakup assistant. College Humor presents: Siri Argument: Trendingsiri breakupSiri breakup videosiri breakup collegehumoralgo-timewarner_ifcollege humor siri break upsiri break up videocollegehumor siri break upsiri college humor youtube

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    The Problem with Jeggings

    Oh, the crazy & ever-changing world of fashion. Let’s hope none of these clothing nightmares ever come into existence. (Too late on the jeggings) “You in the back.. is that a shirt with the boobs cut out?” “It’s a W-neck!” Trendingthe problem with jeggings uncensoredthe problem with jeggings unblurredthe problem with jeggingsproblem with jeggings uncensoredproblems […]

  • E-Trade Baby Loses Everything

    With all the talk this morning about the US bound for a double-dip depression, this hilarious commercial spoof by CollegeHumor couldn’t be more appropriate. E-trade, an online stock trading, online investing, and online broker company, features a talking baby in their commercials to exemplify how easy their site is to use. However, in today’s failing […]

  • Very Mary Kate: Naked Bodyguard

    Another hilarious original video from Elaine Carroll and College Humor. Mary Kate Olson walks in on her bodyguard stepping out of the shower and is in too much awe to turn away.. “You know how when you drive past an accident and you slow down to see if anyone’s naked..” Click here to see some […]

  • Let’s Melt Our Faces Off with Charlie Sheen!

    Everything you hear about this whole Charlie Sheen trainwreck / awesome-time sounds like some exaggerated, meme-ified internet joke. “Tigerblood!” — “I’m a total freakin’ rockstar from Mars!” — “I’m on a drug–called Charlie Sheen!” — “I’m not bipolar, I’m bi-winning!” These sound like those mispelled captions from funny pictures you see all over the internet. […]

  • If video games had Super-Easy mode..

    Funny animation featuring some popular video games from the past to present and how they would be played if there were a Super Easy difficulty setting. An original video from CollegeHumor. Click here to see more of the Best of CollegeHumor