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Dez grew up on a prairie in Western NY. In 1981, it relocated to the Carolina’s to become a priest, but was thrown out of reverend-hood for violating a minor and taking obscene Polaroids of a cat’s junk. Zebra Detox hired Dez through a state funded program and is currently seeking a replacement.

Duties: Non-legitimate blogger for Zebra Detox, Warehouse clerk @ Polly & Crackers, Zebra tamer (P/T).

Favorite Articles: Tonetta, Sword Dancing, Obnoxious Toys, Bab25, u8a22, Trailer Insurance, Awkward Metal Band, dead baby jokes

Favorite blog subjects: Inappropriate pictures, Inappropriate videos, Naked families, For Stoners, Crazy people, Zebra taming (applied method), sexual disobedience… anything non-legitimate really.

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