Best Quotes from True Blood – Season 4, Episodes 7 – 12

The list of what I consider the most funny & over-the-top quotes from True Blood s.4 continues! Obviously do not read if you are behind in the show. Go here for my pick of quotes from episodes 1-6.


Episode 8 – “Spellbound”

Jason (to Andy): “Seriously? You would eat a pile of dead vampire Beulah Carter? Off the ground?”

Andy: “I’m only good on the V, dude. It’s the only time I ever feel like I’m not watching myself not living up to people’s expectations and hating those people for having expectations, then thinking about hitting them in the head with a bat.”

Deputy Ellis: “Betcha it’s gonna rain tonight. I can always feel it where that panther tore my throat open.”

Hoyt (to Jessica): “I deserve someone who’s not going to be a f#&#ing virgin for all eternity!”

Luna’s daughter (about Sam): “He plays Barbies with me.”
Marcus: “Yeah, well I got a feelin’ he plays Barbies all by himself.”

Jason (comforting Jessica): “Think good things. Hot summer days.. barbecuing..”

Episode 7 – “Cold, Grey Light of Dawn”

Sookie (after sex with Eric): “At least there are some things you haven’t forgotten.”

Pam: “You f#&#ing c##t, I’m going to shove my fist up your ass and use you as a hand warmer!”

Random Wiccan: “I can ask my boyfriend. He’s got great spiritual energy when he’s not stoned.”

Andy (hands Holly roses): “These are for you.. they were on sale.”

Sookie: “There’s a witch spell coming that’s supposed to make all the vampires walk out in the sun.”

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