Boohbah. Seriously not ok.

In case you haven’t been informed, Boohbah’s are another version of Teletubbies; only scarier and more addicting.  Their dancing is intoxicating, the noises they make are ridiculous, and the characters are random as hell and named stupid crap like “Mr. Man” and “Sister.”  After watching even a fragment of the show your senses will slightly skew and you will feel possessed.

I came across Boohbah’s on PBS about 7 years ago and was instantly disgusted, in love, and freaked out.   According to Wikipedia, the show is produced in the UK (of course that’s why it’s metaphoric of an acid trip) and is aimed towards children between 3 and 6 years of age.

If someone actually puts their child in front of something this scary they should be imprisoned and maimed.  This show is a major problem.

The website for Boohbah’s makes absolutely no sense, is even more creepy than the show, and of course- is even more addicting.  This site hasn’t been updated since I first went to it (7 years ago) and still remains completely insane.

Click on all the bubbles & and play the “games.”  You won’t be let down.   Seriously.  This is intense.


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  1. DUDE. I discovered this show’s site through a friend’s blog about 7 years ago! I think I lost a week to it ! Might have been more like a day but it felt like I’d tripped balls for a week.
    This show–and its website–is deranged.

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