Does Anyone Remember Zima?

Remember kick’n it with a Zima? It had that distinct aftertaste that resembled a combination of throw-up, metal, and wine.  To mask the taste- you could put a jolly rancher in it…and be REALLY cool.  One of my favorite features was the rigid bottle design.  The bottle effortlessly refracted light like a cheap gem necklace from Zales.

According to Wiki, “Zima was literally in a category by itself—an alcoholic beverage that wasn’t beer (at least, not obviously), wasn’t wine, and wasn’t hard alcohol.”

Although Wiki says Zima stopped domestic production in 2008 and is now only available in Japan; I can assure you that it is at my local grocery store! YES IT’S TRUE. I thew a Zima party and one of our staff members (kizzy) threw up (it was his first time vom’ing from alcohol too.  Damn Zima).

The new Zima has a fresh, lime taste.  HOWEVER– that classic, bold, & only Zima after-taste still loiters in your mouth like a preteen looking for ass outside your local convenient store.

Baby & Zima.  COOL!

How would you describe the distinct taste of Zima?  Do you have a fond Zima memory?



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    • We are in North Carolina. Dezzi swears he’s seen it in a grocery store here called “Lowe’s Food” but I have not run into it in years..

  1. OMG PLEASE tell me where you live.. or actually where is the store near you that carries Zima?? I LOVE that stuff. I hate beer and I really NEED my Zima.
    I’ve looked everywhere I could. I’ve been to every liquor and grocery store in at least 100 mile radius. I’ve contacted 2 different distributors. I even had a friend of mine who lives in Colorado go to the actual Coors facility to see if he could find some Zima there, or at least find out where there still might be some. NOTHING. I’m desperate. Please please tell me how or where I can get a hold of some ZIMA!!
    I’d be indebted to you for life.

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