Too Bad I’m a Rich B##&! and Already Live Luxuriously.

I got this postcard from my good friend Betsy.(Betsy is a preteen deaf refuge that communicates on some sort of contemporary electronic keyboard… it’s really quite amazing).

But anyways, Betsy is a jackass for sending me this postcard. I literally squirted a pea size amount of diarrhea… or maybe the correct word would be a “bulbous” size gem. This mess happened because I thought the postcard was sent to the wrong address. The post officer even wrote a question mark on the postcard with the word “try.” …. I love it.

For your background information, Betsy is a wine attendant at the Biltmore estates with a legal visa. I am referred to as Jasmine Casanova.

“Hey Jazzy”

Biltmore is the bees knees!! Too bad I’m a rich b##&! and already live luxuriously.



Betsy is going to pay. I’ve already started a postcard to send back opening with the line:

“We should do coke sometime and let me F##&! you.”

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