Leslie Hall – Tight Pants / Body Rolls

In honor of the 4th, I’m activating my tight pants.

P&C is holding a Slutty Zima Girl pageant today at the Holiday Inn conference room 1A, Winston Salem, NC.   You must be slutty,and not pregnant. You will be holding a Zima bottle and posing for the latest homepage pic.  BYOM (Bring your own makeup).

Good luck!


This is yet another completely disgusting & crazy, but necessary video by Leslie Hall. Leslie’s videos are a combination of creepy lyrics, shitty video editing, and awkward ugly girls in front of a green screen. It’s pure genius. She writes her music, collects gem sweaters, and sports a muffin top. This bioch is a true American Legend. This is why P&C has chosen Leslie Hall to be on the official 4th of July Slutty Zima Girl pagent billboard.

“When I place my legs in a cage of spandex, I dance like hell to release the madness”

“I was walking through the Forest of Moccasin bread when I saw a troll boy wearing tight pants”

“Is that an angel baby?! No- that’s his dance moves.”



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