Trading Spouses; Sounds lame.. Extreme Fun!

Trading spouses. Sounds like a lame TV show that would flop after one season.

CMT picks two insanely opposite family’s and switches their wives. The families they pick literally makes you want to throw up.

One family only ate raw meat from animals they slaughtered in their backyard.  Another one had  the parents, 5 children, and the baby, sleeping in the same room…mattresses scattered across the floor. But they didn’t spend much time at home because during the week they were in their RV being home schooled.  Awesome.  The show is a complete mess.  If you have ever seen it- you know it’s addicting as hell once it starts.

Here is a popular clip from one of the most insane episodes. The one family is excited to meet their new mom and anxiously awaits her with balloons and posters all dolled up on the wall. New mommy, a crazy warrior Christian, enters and….. >:)  Just watch.  You will die! [Cannot post due to copywrite B.S.]


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