Top 10 funniest dog breeds

10. Tibetan Mastiff

For anyone who ever thought they saw Sasquash there may be a 50% chance it was just a Tibetan Mastiff playing hide and seek in the woods. And if you feel intimated by this giant ball of fur, reaching a weight of almost 90 kilograms (200 lbs.), then it’s probably the right thing to do. They are highly protective of their owners, so you wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of this dog.

10.Tibetan Mastiff

9. Bedlington Terrier

This dog would probably be hard to recognize if you’d put him in the middle of a herd, and chances are, a mamma sheep will think it’s her baby lamb. Even though they have a thick wooly hair, they don’t shed and you’ll most likely fall in love with his little triangular eyes.

9.Bedlington Terrier

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