6 Types of Leprechauns You Never Knew Existed

Flashy Leprechauns. I am completely confused by this. Is this from a leprechaun fashion show? Is that a leprechaun body-builder? And his clothes are not OK. I can see another wee little man suffocating in his tights. Looks like he’s had too many steroids.

Pothead Leprechaun. Needless to say, leprechaun stoners are only interested in one thing: green. And I’m not talking about money. Instead of wasting their time searching for pots of gold, these guys would rather ponder the complexities of four-leaf clovers and slide down rainbows. That is, of course, only after they’ve taken a hit out of their corn pipe and finally escaped their leprechaun beanbag chairs.

Crazy Leprechaun Lady. I’ve seen crazy cat lady’s before.. but this is a first. What happens if one morning she wakes up with a bad case Alzheimer’s and sees all these strange little dolls lying around her room? Will she feel at home or just completely freak out?

Leprechaun Poser. Hat is too small and covers only 1/4 of bald head. Remaining hair is white instead of red. Bow-tie is black and crooked. Leprechauns are magical creatures that don’t need glasses. He’s just a pedophile trying to show children his moldy clover patch.

Street-Biker Leprechaun. This hardcore little guy is a member of the most bad ass Leprechaun motorcycle gang on the East coast. They distinguish themselves by wrapping sparkly garland around their bikes – a decoration that strikes fear into the hearts of their rival gangs.

Evil Leprechaun. These little green devils are the ones you have to watch out for. Pissed that the 1993 horror movie “Leprechaun” (and it’s sequels) sucked so bad, the real evil leprechauns vowed to take revenge on humanity and prove that they are much cooler than portrayed on film. Now commonly referred to as bed bugs, these leprechauns are a serious threat in large cities like New York and may leave tiny bite marks all over your, or your sexual partner’s, body.


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