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Awkward Family Photos is an amazing website that features the most random family pictures ranging from simple LOLing to downright WRONG! Awkward family Photos is a really addicting site. He are some of my favorites:


There is a lot going on here. Grandpa needs to loosen up on the Painkillers.

Well at least everyone’s happy.

Demonic child if I’ve ever seen one.


How is this legitimate?

Is this a cross generation transvestite wedding photo or what…?

This is highly inappropriate, I love it, and I have no further comments.

That’s getting a little too personal. Perhaps he missed entry?

Holy hell that’s disturbing.

Is he riding an underage bride on a synthetic fur rug? Check.

Daddy worked at the first nuclear plant. Mommy picked him up and brought him to work everyday.

Daddy is a centaur… and apparently that’s legit and the perfect time for a photo opp.

This is the effect of a blow dryer + White Rain extra hold… or if you buy hair extensions from the zoo.

Well that’s absolutely disgusting… and you know they are all going back to bang in the trailer after the awards ceremony.

Awkward Family Photos



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  1. Did anyone also notice in the second picture down the girls have bitter and sweet stickers on their chest… One girl is just bitter… But all in all it’s bitter sweet!

  2. Rightfully so, that one poor girl is terrified of the naked, pedo-Jesus man.. her unsure smile is priceless. This screams illegal.

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