Wheels of People of Wal-Mart: "I Live in my Car" Edition

I custom writing paper recently relocated from North Carolina to South Carolina for the summer and discovered the white trash Wal-Mart Mecca. I met this random guy Bill- he was willing to be interviewed, but sadly declined to be photographed, saying, “I just don’t know you well enough.” However, he did let me take some pictures of his modified Honda Accord. I know a few people are thinking, “This seems more like Pimp My Ride than Cribs.” This is because at first look it just seems like a tricked out Honda, but in actuality it is Bill’s castle.. and he is mighty proud of it. Clearly Bill is a big fan of North Carolina basketball, but unfortunately no one told him it is a faux pas to have both UNC and Duke represented on the same “license plate” ..that is if you can even call that thing a license plate.

His super-fly setup sports several North Carolina colleges.. including North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Wake Forest University, and Duke ..as well as a “God Bless America” plate. However, the most impressive additions are inside the car. Bill has added two lamps, two coffee pots, two burners for cooking, all kitchen utensils and cooking supplies he needs, a small TV, a surround sound system, a six disc CD changer, a DVD player, and an old school VHS player for all his tapes.. which I can only assume he keeps in the trunk. All of these devices are powered by several amps, and a switch board mounted in the front of the car, between the driver and passenger seats. All he needs now is to hook-up with Bubba Rubb and Lil Sis to get his very own whistle tipWoo Woo!

As a side note, if you take a close look at the picture of the back seat there is a bucket of peppermints, which I can only assume this sicko uses to lure in little children. So steer clear of this weirdo and remember parents teach your kids not to take candy from strangers. Don’t worry.. I will be following up on this guy as well as going undercover to uncover more tragic stories from Wal-Mart in Myrtle Beach!


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