Inappropriate Google Image Search Results: Penis Cake

Ever been really intoxicated and randomly decide to search for “penis cakes” in Google images? No?! Well, I have. And here are the hilarious results:

Sometimes, you should give a head’s up before giving an abrupt surprise.

Once you go chocolate, you lose all taste for vanilla.

Holy Crap. [Literally] Detail is NOT always a good thing..

Peek-A-Boo! With something this sexy, it’ll be hard not to play with your food.

Psshtt.. my penis cake is longer than yours.

NICE. A Prince Albert peen cake. I wonder if that’s real metal or if it’s edible. Cause I’m getting hungry for some royal dessert.

With a quick glance, or from far away- this almost looks too realistic. Then you look closer and see those nasty spots.. anddd you’re relieved it’s just cake.

WTF? A cake topped with baby mole-rats?! I guess they kind-of[?] look like penises? Oh well.. it showed up in search results, and was just too bizarre to leave off the list.



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4 Responses to Inappropriate Google Image Search Results: Penis Cake

  1. GFNGHDSJT says:


  2. Kristy says:

    I’m craving vanilla icing

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