Happy Halloween from Jezze

We received a new e-mail from Jezzeble. Subject: happy halloween!!

“i already got the spooks in me this year!! this time i got dressed up 1 week early in an afghan and said ‘CHEEZE!!’ 4 u. did i spook ya?! lol. anyways i said ‘CHEEZE‘ for the camera and here is the pic. that’s my friend angus. she just got back from a live manger scene rehearsal. i made her say cheeze cuz she looked silly. she has pretty eyes but she always steals my kitty mix and instant coffee. i dont think she knows that i know but itz w/e cuz i sometimes borrow her lipstick.  happy halloween soon!!!! wait till u see my real costume!!

xo **~Jezze~**

bTW- i tried x last week for the first time!! i danced a lot then threw up it was weeird”


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