Have you ever typed something into Google Image Search and got back what you were looking for AND THEN SOME?? The following is an unnecessary list of pictures that resulted from the search phrases above each pic.

“Gay Spy Cam”

“Kiss the Tip”

Gay guy on skates with a drunk stripper? No wonder the tip is just being kissed.

Definition of “Kiss the Tip” according to Urban Dictionary: “When something great is expected, but only a very disappointing substitute is received.” –ud

“Trailer Girls”

OK? I guess trailer girls = bondage sheep

“Tipsy Sue”

Sue had a little too much and Ethel has had enough.

“Mormon Polygamy”

Well that is quite the age range…

“Chastity Vacation”

…this might be a never ending vacation.

“My F’ing Cake”

Don’t worry. Nobody is going near your cake.

“Not the Father”

She’s obviously “Not the Father…” but she does have a nice ensemble going on.

“How Many Licks?”

Tootsie pop challenges are really just an excuse for a massive lesbian make out session.

“Puppy Slut”

Talk about poky nipples…

“Messiah Girl”

Pretty much the exact opposite of a Messiah girl…



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