Funny Lesbian Haircuts.

New word: “Lezbionic.” The following is a list of some of the most “Lezbionic” haircuts from across the internet. Zebra Detox has nothing against lesbians, we are pretty much lesbians ourselves. If you’re a girl that looks like a dude- what do we care? You just look ridiculous.

Shaved Sides w/ Bang Scoop

This was “In” back when TLC was popular. It’s never “In” on an anorexic face with pasty skin. T-Boz was the only non-lesbian who could pull it off. Don’t bother trying.

The Lez Mullet:

This is usually the budget way to go if you want to sport your lesbianism. If it’s in the budget, you can get fancy by dying it Magenta. Comb weekly to check to tics.

The Lesbian :”Faux-hawk” [ Fo-hawk ]

I don’t know why lesbians are trying to look like gay boys? Seems contradicting. It would suck if you were a lesbian and all of a sudden your date whipped out a …..

The Crazy Lesbian

The one on the left (Angelina Jolie – yea, not technically a lez) looks like a shaved mouse with a rat tail taped to the back. The one on the right just left her trailer.

The Celeb Lesbian

Alright- Kate Gosselin isn’t a lesbian…but what was up with that hair? Her horrendous bull cut would have made me divorce her too.

The Bieber

There is an entire website that exists dedicated solely to lesbians who look like Justin Bieber. Those were just two.

The Dudette

Dudette = Dude/Lady. Sometimes you just don’t know if they’re a boy or a girl.

The Lesbian Boy


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