Really Creepy Mannequins…

Is this a dress shop for lesbians??

Did they think an extra wide face with prissy lips suited this blouse?

What the hell is this promoting? Is this a stoned child soliciting herself? It’s absolutely hideous.

I hope to be as cool as this mannequin one day. Have extra wide shoulders, ear lipstick, and smoke cigs.

Store hurting financially? Put naked children in the window. That will draw attention.

Sick. Those knees should require slacks to cover that saggy BS up.

So..this must be the definition of “Jappa Jaws.”

A bottomless beauty. “Connie” is a featured sex icon for Polly & Crackers.

This thing needs major facial reconstruction. Better yet- just throw it out.

“A creepy mannequin with a tree for a mid section and holding a deer like a cat.. awkwardness to the max!”

Curly Sue just got sodomized by a candle stick.



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