These are legitimately messed up animals. I’m not sure if drugs or a nuclear reactor were involved- but it looks like it. The following is a list of creepy, freaked out animals.

What the HELL is this??!

This “specimen” needs braces, rosacea ointment, and a whole lot more.

That bitch is ready to attack!

Disgusting. Needs a double dose of antivirals but the manicure is nice…

I am a very very special boy…thats what mommy sayz anywyazz

The eyes take up half its head….and what is up with those fingers? Not OK.

No BJ today please. Doesn’t look safe.

That has to be premature.

Too many muffinz today.

Can I haz popsicle?

Obviously not the best of days.

I doubt this one is real…but wtf?


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