Amazing pictures from People of Walmart . com

Whenever you feel shitty about your life- just go to – You should instantly feel better. (That is.. unless you see your picture posted). Here are some of my fav trash pics from People of Wal-Mart.

People of Walmart

For more of our favorites from this site- click here



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6 Responses to Amazing pictures from People of Walmart . com

  1. Carly says:

    Hey! I simply want to provide a huge thumbs upward for this disgustingly awesome site.

  2. Tamica Eckersley says:

    diz jus’ krayzzayyy

  3. Breanne Ell says:

    Discovering this website has blessed me with meaningless bliss

  4. Jessi Radney says:

    If I were to say? thanks to someone, it’d be you. I’m not confused with the meaning of life

  5. Wayne Nyhus says:

    This is truly an eye-opener.

  6. Funny Stuff says:

    Looks like there live very cool people :D

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