Wild 80’s Haircuts. Funny Pics of Crazy Hair.

The following is a list of some of the craziest and most heinous 80’s haircuts. If you like any of the styles, I suggest purchasing a can of “White Rain” from your nearest Roses.

The hair on the left is a little naughty for such a conservative sweater. However, The girl on the right played her cards right. Those frosted pink tips compliment the gold-plated earrings nicely.

The hairspray next to the Mayan patterned clutch completes this picture.

This is a battle between radical 80’s & conservative 80’s. But you know that the one on the right just got done romping her 60+ year old Mormon husband in the barn shed. Those bedroom eyes scream guilty girl.

Not sure what’s more dangerous- the hair or the outfit.

Don’t tease me with them baby blues…

Don’t bother me, I’m studying.

Lesbian 80’s couple?! Or just two wild girls with oil bangs.



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  1. I’ve got to tell you – your site is fantastic. Everything, including the hilarious photos (that bring back great memories), was very entertaining. Thank you!

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