Obnoxious Toys You Must (Not?) Own

The Pregnant Barbie The one on the left is just wrong, distasteful, and disgusting. The one on the right is…well that’s just wrong too. Who the hell would give this to their child?

The Baby You Can Shave

First off- babies are (usually) born without hair. Why is Japan adding hair to fake babies for children to shave?


No- this isn’t a mass storage device. Plug “it” into your computer and every time you hit the “H” key, its eyes light up. Question is- why was this was ever manufactured? I don’t know, but I want one.

The Doll w/ Amputated Appendages

W.T.F ?? No comment.

Dissection Kit

Gross. Even if this was one of those “at home” dissection science projects for kids- why is the provided specimen a baby kitty?!

Digital Finger

You stick your finger in, it makes a pixilated image, and you can poke shit. It’s completely lame. Where do I get one?

Sorry I Am Unintentional

First of all- what is this? I’m assuming it meant to say “Sorry, I didn’t mean to take a shit in the toilet and not flush….but actually I did because I’m cute and have a bedazzled headband”

Do it Yourself Vasectomy

This one is a joke but it needed to be included. It’s a magnet set. Great for the refrigerator. Highly inappropriate.



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  1. The Shave the Baby thing is Chinese, not Japanese.

    The H-Bouya – “h” sounds similar to the Japanese word “etchi”, which means sex. Which is why his eyes light up when you press H. :P

    The “dissection kit” I have no excuse for… >_< The title says "Whoops, I ran over a cat."

    • OMG, you are right! I bet that says “Road Kill!” I am just not sufficiently motivated to look up the translation…

    • Yep – that’s a keeper. I would just love to give that to a family member as a Christmas gift just to see the look on his/her face.

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